This Is Who We Are

Pharmacy  Printing Specialists is a family business which was founded with the  guiding principle of providing pharmacies with high quality stationery  and packaging supplies at the lowest price.

Having  witnessed the industry polarise with takeovers and integrations, we saw  an opportunity to provide pharmacies with better personal service,  faster turnaround of orders and value for money which was fast becoming  scarce.

Sure  we are in business to make a profit, however we are satisfied with low  margins and repeat business rather than wanting to exploit our  customers.

As  a family business we don't have shareholders to satisfy and a hierarchy  to support, rather we are quick to adapt to our customers' needs and  decisions are made quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the support of our customers we are growing and can provide you with the service and value you need.

Our Capabilities

Having  spent more than a 15 years in the printing industry, and in particular  specialised Pharmacy Printing, we have the expertise to provide you with  the service level and quality you need.

Our  affiliations and partnerships with various industry participants  including specialised fast short run Digital Printing and affordable  long run Flexographic and Offset Printing means you get everything in a  one stop shop. 

We choose our partners very carefully using the  following criteria:

  • Consistent High Quality & Compliance
  • Based in Australia (to benefit OUR economy)
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Price
  • On schedule delivery

Our Guiding Principles


Real Savings- Our  Everyday Price Promise means you get a minimum 10% saving on what you  pay for your requirements today, no matter how big or small the volume.  With our experience in pharmacy printing we can also offer you  alternative strategies to minimise your costs in other ways.

Peace of Mind - Our  rigourous quality control process guarantees that our  product will appear and perform to the highest standard. All our  products come with a guarantee of quality and if for any reason you are  not totally satisfied, our follow up process is simple and quick. Unlike our competitors, due to  our flat organisational structure we can make things happen quickly and efficiently.

Speed & Dependability - Delivery  lead times on all orders are short as we ensure that your orders arrive  within 10 calendar days from the time of your order (first order may  take a couple days extra due to artwork preparation and setup).

Comprehensive Range -  We cater for all your stationery & packaging needs in a one stop  shop and you can be assured of consistency of your brand image within  the range of printed products throughout your business.